Welcome to Downmark®

The Down Association of Canada



Celebrating our 38th Anniversary in 2014!


Who are we


What do we do?


  • We are a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 1976.
  • Our website features education for the public about down and feather products.
  • Our Quality Assurance Team monitor the marketplace for misleading products or advertising.
  • We regularly test products to make sure the down and feather fill that is inside matches what is written on the label. When products fail, we list the specific items on our website and report them!
  • Our Active members are required to follow all guidelines set by our Canadian Government.
  • We hold high ethical standards for our products.
  • We work with government agencies to enhance the quality of the down industry.
  • We would like to hear from you and will answer your questions.
  • We opened a Japanese Branch in 2010.
  • We are expanding both our National & International Quality Assurance programs to aid all consumers  Worldwide


We promote the use of down and feather products carrying our Downmark® label


 Sewn in products: Our Hangtag: 

How is Down is readied for use in products?

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